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The goal of the Pegasus Project is to enrich the lives of as many people as possible through working with animals.  All of the animals we use in our programs are either rescues or animals who needed to be rehomed.  There is a misconception that horses must be ridden to be enjoyed. While riding is a great activity, there are so many more fulfilling ways to interact with these wonderful creatures.

In Greek Mythology, Pegasus is a winged horse who carried Greek hero Bellerophon through many battles and trials. Pegasus later belonged to Greek God Zeus, and was rewarded with his own constellation for his loyal service.

In present times, there was a big, white Percheron named Pegasus (or Peggy for short).  After many years of dedicated service to her owners, her body began to age and deteriorate. She was no longer able to be ridden or pull a cart like they wanted.  Instead of her owners letting her enjoy a well-deserved retirement, she was sent off to an auction with her fate unknown. Here she was picked up by our team and given the retirement she deserved.  She lived the rest of her days peacefully, enjoying being pampered and grazing in lush meadows.  In return, she taught young children the meaning of compassion. She stood patiently as they learned how to groom her, braid her mane and mix her feed.  She posed for photos, offered snuggles and even invited herself to a horse show (but that’s a story for another time).

Last fall, as the leaves began to change Peggy started to deteriorate quickly.  Cancer had taken over her body, and she was in constant pain.  We made the heartbreaking decision to help her cross into heaven peacefully and surrounded by those who loved her.  On her final morning in the paddock, the early golden light cast angelic beams on her from above. Is was if the heavens were opening to Welcome Peggy home to start the journey of creating her legacy.

We believe that working with animals can have life changing effects.  Animals can lower your heart rate, increase your level of happiness and make you more confident. For children and teens working with animals can teach compassion, responsibility and improve communication skills.

 Our mission is to make these programs accessible to everyone without money being a barrier.  While we are not a registered Charity, we are a Social Enterprise who invests every dollar we receive back into our programming and rescuing animals in need.

Welcome to the Pegasus Project where happy people and happy animals is our number one goal.  Please check out the available programs section to see what we have available.

We are located in Mono Ontario just off of Highway 10.  In order to preserve the serenity of the farm, our address will be disclosed privately only. We take private bookings only and prefer not to have drop ins. 

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