What do you mean “tour the whole world by motorcycle”? No money, no contacts, no clue what to expect – just an ambitious idea in the mind of a dreamer.

Shy no more

Meet Nikola, a curious fellow, a life-long student, an avid nature lover, hobbyist photographer, motorcycle travel-writer and a self-proclaimed adventurer and explorer on his never-ending quest for adrenaline and experiences. He is a 24 year old kid, has one wonderful sister Marija, enjoys the sun, the ocean, jungles, change, the unknown, street luge, and good company. Born and raised in the former Yugoslavia, he lived in Germany and Brazil as a student and now resides near Detroit where he “works” as a Rock Climbing instructor and is finishing a degree at the University of Michigan. His plans are to explore the world by motorcycle and raise funds for cancer research while documenting the adventure every step of the way and bringing it here where anyone can participate.

Anyone includes you so come and participate in the project, make suggestions, share in his discoveries and ride along on his journey around the world on two wheels as he reconnects with old friends and makes new one along the way.