My Pegasus is a 2008 Kawasaki KLR650. It is a dual sport class, single piston, chain driven, street legal motorcycle that has been in production for over two decades with very little changes made since then but redesigned significantly in 2008. It has a reputation of being a dependable and easy to work on machine hence one of the favorites among adventure riders and even the US marine corps. I have about five years of motorcycling experience, but zero off road experience. In due time I will be doing a more detailed review once I am on the road getting to know the bike.

My first motorcycle was a hard idea to sell to my parents at 17, before I was even eligible for my endorsement. It was a previously owned (and crashed) 2001 Suzuki GSX750R , an exceptionally strong bike for any beginner as my father can attest, crashing the thing into the owners car on the very first test ride.

I sold this bike in 2007 right before departing for Germany where I spent a year as an exchange student. Upon my return I spent another year in Detroit after which I left for abroad again, this time for Brazil. I spent a year in Brazil every day yearning to ride along the beaches of tropical Rio, and three days upon returning to Detroit in the summer of 2010 I had to feed my addiction so I bought another Suzuki, a used 2004 GSX600R.

Very reluctantly I decided to sell my beloved Gixxer and purchase this Kawasaki for my trip instead. The incredible acceleration and handling of such an amazing machine was sacrificed for a work horse that has practically no boundaries. The Kawasaki can carry more gear further, cheaper and more comfortably then the supersport bike so I am, for now, happy with the change. Every time I start missing that scream of the four continuous explosions flowing through the Yoshimura exhaust of my past machines I force my self to think about how much fun I will have exploring the red sands of Utah and Mojave and everything is OK again.

Stay tuned for continuous reviews of the motorcycle including my camping, hiking, touring and climbing  gear.