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Top Suggestions

Out on I-70 past Vail is Glenwood Canyon. If you’re looking for a spot Torrey your head and have a tent there’s an awesome place to camp. It’s at the base of the hanging lake trail. It’s a two mile hike roundtrip from the camp site to the lake and Spouting Rock. But it’s the most beautiful hike I can remember from living up there.


Hit the Pig Out BBQ at 110 KY HWY 801, by Cave Run Lake in Morehead Kentucky.  It  is adjacent to the Daniel Boone National Forest, lots of cool trails and roads there.  Just be careful about riding only in areas where it is allowed.  The Forest Service Police are not afraid to go cross country to snatch somebody that’s in unauthorized areas, and they do know all of the back roads and short cuts.

Since your going half way down Florida you might as well shoot down to key west, that way by the end of your trip you will have been to 3 out of the 4 corners of America.


When your in AZ, and head through Flagstaff, stop by the Crystal Creek Sandwich Co. and order a Grand Rapids!  You’ll love it!


When you come to Europe, visit Belgrade! A walk through Kalemegdan offers an unbelievable experience; The bean stew in the restaurant “Wolf” is the best in town. Also have coffee at the Grand Pleasure in Knez Mihailova, where the nightlife is such that only Belgrade can offer. With each new day in the city you can’t help but reminisce on the words of the poet Dusko Radovic when he said, “He whom had the fortune of waking up in Belgrade this morning can assume that he has achieved enough for today. To wish for more would be immodest.”

Man, take Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is a beautiful ride!
–Aquaman from Rio de Janeiro

Visit Banff National Park in Canada, the Canadian Rockies is just as good, if not better, than the US side.